Fuel and emissions

Research and report were made by marketer David Adams also..

Fuel and emissions

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MENA (Middle East and North Africa region) stands for The Middle East and North Africa which is an area where the lack of clean air and normal ecosystem represents a real problem and is threatening to become the first issue not only for this area but also worldwide. Furthermore, the countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE have the highest carbon emission per capita.


The first thing that destroys the equilibrium of planet Earth is the amount of GHG (Greenhouse gas) emission in this area. The gas is emitted due to the fact that these countries do not have laws for regulating fuel economy which represents yet another problem in this chain of problems.


Furthermore, the systems such as trigeneration, combined heat and power system and green buildings may be introduced to this area in order to make the things work.

Reducing GHG Emissions

The main problem when it comes to GHG Emissions is that they constantly rise in the countries of MENA due to unregulated protocols which hold no restriction on how much oil and gas is produced annually.


This is a great threat to the ecosystem of the whole Earth and not just this part of it. All of this can be solved with raising awareness about the problems that may arise if people do not pay much attention. This can be done in several ways – campaigns, training programs, energy plans, etc.

Fuel Economy

One of the leading countries that have problems with fuel economy is Saudi Arabia. This means that it is basically using fuel transportation in abundance which causes a lot of GHG emissions and holds no bright future when it comes to quality of air in this area.


However, the solution to this problem is called Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency standard (CAFE) which, to put it in simple terms, changes the standards for all the light vehicles, thus causing them to spend less fuel and emit less dangerous substances into the air.

Energy Management & Efficiency

The Middle East is one of the biggest producers of energy but also one of the biggest as well. Although there are certain actions taken, there is still a lot to do in order to conduct the full energy management. This will help not only cleaning up air but also will achieve better sales if there is a “green” badge to it.


Furthermore, the better environment for working will be created which will generally improve health of the residents.


Trigeneration is a combination of electricity production and use of cooling and heating systems which are a direct product of electricity production. In other words, when the electricity is made, the energy created for the production is used for heating buildings or as a cooling system.


There is a great possibility for implementing such system in the MENA countries and that will improve the general use of energy by basically re-using the energy once again instead of producing new.

Combined Heat and Power Systems

Cogeneration or the Combined Heat and Power System is actually the production of several different forms of energy.

heat power

The Saudi Arabian ARAMCO made a significant advance by signing a contract for building three cogeneration plants in their land. This also means that all the energy from the oil will be used for energy and not only the 35% for fuel while the rest is thrown away.


Green Buildings

Green buildings will not only improve the general condition of living from the point of view of gas emissions and clean air but also from the social and economic point of view.

solar panels

With the technology used which is based on recycling, the costs per building can be up to 10% less. Middle East has made a significant improvement in this area with plans for further building of the already existing green building neighborhoods.


To sum up, although the MENA right now doesn’t look as a kind of place where businesses connected to green point of view would bloom, they are making a small but important progress on this matter and the general awareness of possible alternative solution is increasing among people. Therefore, investing in this area may not be profitable right now but in a few years, if everything goes as planned and according to the contracts mentioned in here, there will be enough for everyone.

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