Reducing CO2

Buildings are the largest energy consuming sector in the world...

Buildings are the largest energy consuming sector in the world. They account for 40 % of Europe’s energy use and for about a third of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions. Energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings therefore play a vital role in achieving a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the buildings sector. The CONCERTO communities have risen to this challenge by creating a wide range of innovative buildings that are either new or refurbished.


Buildings in CONCERTO demonstration projects undergo ambitious requirements. The energy consumption of new buildings needs to be at least 30 % lower than national regulations1. For existing buildings, after refurbishment or retrofitting, the CONCERTO approach requires lower energy consumption per m² than the national regulations for new buildings2.

About 1,400 buildings have been refurbished (approx. 2 million m²) and more than 3,000 new houses built (1.75 million m²). As proven by CONCERTO, thanks to higher insulation standards in new buildings, more than 17 kt of CO2 emissions can be saved per year when compared to buildings according to the national standard. In addition, the refurbishment measures in CONCERTO lead to a reduction of more than 17 kt CO2 every year.