Lambeth is an inner London borough and one of the..

Lambeth is an inner London borough and one of the most densely populated areas in London. Its population has expanded from 250,000 in the 1990s to 272,000 in 2006 and this number is expected to rise to 332,000 by 2026. Besides the refurbishment of three high-rise tower blocks, which have since achieved an 80 % reduction in carbon emissions, the focus of CONCERTO activities in Lambeth was on energy efficiency measures and RES energy supply units undertaken in six schools.


A holistic “solar for schools” package has been developed and delivered to the six schools within the borough. The package included the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) and thermal panels that feed directly into the school’s electricity and heating systems. The six schools have been equipped with 5 kWp PV systems, with approx. 10 m² of solar collectors and a weather station. They have had a total of 32 m² of Solar Thermal and around 30 kWp of PV installed.

In addition to the PV and thermal panel installations, technical energy audits have been conducted and recommendations presented to the schools, detailing opportunities for installing energy-saving measures and implementing behavioural change initiatives. An extensive education programme has been carried out in the schools, teaching the students directly how to save energy. And what is more, each school received a detailed energy audit concerning their buildings and a report detailing energy-saving recommendations was produced.


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