The Top 5 “Green” Careers to Consider in 2017

There are all kinds of way you can make “Green”..

There are all kinds of way you can make “Green” choices in life that help the environment and lessen the footprint you leave behind. So, what if you could make “Green” choices your job, what if you could somehow take that passion you have for environmental issues and use it to make a living?

Well, that’s exactly what we will explore here as we take a look at the top five “Green” careers to consider in 2017. These careers will not only allow you to dedicate your life to your passion but will also challenge you in all kinds of intriguing ways.

Urban Planner

The role of an urban planner is really quite interesting. As an urban planner, it will be up to you to decide how the city’s land is used. You’ll need to create a plan or a program as to where the public facilities will go in the city, have it approved, and you may occasionally have to make modifications or scrap the plan altogether and start afresh.

You will also be tasked with making sure your city is attractive to business owners so they will want to set up shop. You will need formal educational training, which can be done online through a school such as Rutgers Online. An online masters in public administration program will provide you with the training and knowledge you need to succeed. The online MPA degree also gives you the flexibility to learn from home.

green Urban Planner

Urban Growers – Food Production

As people become more and more aware of ways they can help the environment, they also demand the same of the businesses and services they use. Urban growers are popping up as an emerging sector in the “Green” field. These growers work to grow and produce foods in locally sourced, environmentally friendly ways. This means they use fewer fossil fuels, pesticides, and resources in general.

Wind Energy Workers

As we look for cleaner sources of energy, wind power has become among the most important and the role of wind energy workers has popped up. Reliance on wind energy is expected to grow in the coming years, with some estimating that by the year 2050, wind power will account for one-third of the energy used in the world.

Car Design Engineer – Clean Cars

Cars are one of the biggest polluters on the earth, which is why clean cars have become such an in-demand item. Why not work as an engineer helping to design and build cleaner, more advanced models that people can benefit from?

Water Quality Technician

Water quality has long since been an important factor, not just in the United States but the world in general. Water quality technicians are the people who are looking for ways to fix various water quality control problems, which will give people safer water to drink. This job isn’t just “neat” it’s vital to the health of people on the planet.

The list of “Green” careers goes on and on thanks to the increase in attention the environment has gotten over the past decade or so. These types of careers offer plenty of growth too, which makes them well worth investigating.