Energy consumption

The article reveals the problem of solar energy and available..

Energy consumption

The article reveals the problem of solar energy and available methods of it`s sparing. Written by Rick Slot – great free slot machines fan and writer.

Over the years between 1970 and 2000, energy consumption has been doubled all over the world, according to research it`s expected to double again in next 25 years. And energy resources are diminishing to meet developing countries’ energy requirement. It`s contemplated that the petroleum resource in some countries will get exhausted in few decades.


Other energy resources are also visualized to exhaust, so we need to make changes in producing and consuming energy. Following are the alternates to energy production:

  • Solar Energy System

It is somewhat expensive but efficient to produce electricity for a long time. You just need to buy once and remain free for years. It directly produces electricity from ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun. So you don’t need to use any resource. Moreover it doesn’t affect the environment as coal and petroleum does.

  • Biogas Generator

It is also a source of producing energy from waste that doesn’t need to use any resources. You just need to store your garbage that you throw outside of your home. Store your garbage in Biogas Generator and it will turn that garbage into gases that you can use for heating, cooking purposes.

  • Small Wind turbines

If you have some space spare in your ground you can place small wind turbines that can produce enough power for the place they are sited. This will make energy for you and spare your part of resources.

There are many other methods that you can adapt to produce energy, at least for yourself. However, there are many other methods that couldn’t produce energy but they can be helpful to spare enough energy that will not only benefit us but also the resources of the overall world will be spare for future. Following are the precautions that everyone of us can embed in our daily life:

  • Lights are a very important part that uses a part of our total electricity and cannot be compromised. But now fluorescent bulbs are available in market. We should replace our traditional light consuming bulbs with these energy efficient bulbs. These fluorescent bulbs are less consuming and brighter than other bulbs.
  • We can insulate our houses to keep it warm than using house heating system that costs much. However, if you’re using one. Keep it at levels that meet your needs.
  • While setting up your house wiring, use quality wires. These will not only save you from any unpleasant lose but also save electricity.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and other appliances that are not in use.
  • Use Appliances that are more energy consuming like, iron, machines etc. in less consuming hours.
  • Use appliances that are tagged energy efficient or quality approved.
  • During day time use sunlight for lighting the house but also the offices.
  • Use warm cloths instead of using heater.

By keeping in mind these points and all other small things that saves energy we can reduce both our electricity bills and our environmental impacts. We should implement these not only on ourselves but also spread to others because most of our energy is produced by the natural resource like coal, petroleum, natural gas etc. and all these are conventional sources that cannot be replaced and these are exhausting rapidly.